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Title: Reduced Tolerance
Post by: MSS Forum Admin on October 11, 2012, 08:42:37 AM
A very, very, very few members on here seem to think that the very simple rules out of the very few we have here to ensure the forum is organised properly for the benefit of all members, are there to be blatantly disregarded, to the detriment of all other members.

In other words, some members really don't give a Sh*t about the others.

All threads started in an incorrect forum section (is it really that much of a hardship to comply with the rules?) will disappear. The notices are all over the place and the members have been notified, yet still persist, so there is no excuse.

No messages to Admin in this respect will be responded to.

Persistent disregard will result in said members taking an involuntary endless vacation from this forum.


Title: Re: Reduced Tolerance
Post by: jcm2710 on October 17, 2012, 10:06:06 AM
Hi there,

From the title, I thought this was some technical issue with tolerance and bore sizes  ;)

Anyhow, issue of threads in the wrong forums is, unfortunatley, quite common in other forums from my humble experience.  But it is certainly not justified as apart from having useless information in the wrong place, for the ones posting, it's important to note that their posts would then be very difficult to trace, so valid contributions will be lost. :'(

Thanks, Admin, for underlining this.  I'll do my best to behave.  ;)



Title: Re: Reduced Tolerance
Post by: K38 on October 17, 2012, 12:13:34 PM
Just up your daily dose of Prozac admin it workes for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!