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Hi All,

has any one of you reviewed the new Diana 470TH? I am looking at buying the TX200 but the Diana looks good too. The only problem is that I couldn't find any reviews on the net about it.

I'm guessing this will not be very helpful  ;D


Nevertheless basically look for reviews of the action it is based upon, i.e. the 460 Magnum. The main change seems to be the metal trigger, but whether that only means that the trigger blade is now made of metal rather than plastic (still progress  ;)) or that the entire trigger has been re-worked, I do not know. Diana have a habit of calling most of their trigger groups "match" but "sporting" would be far more accurate a description.

My experience with the 54 (and the 52 before that) is that the trigger (re-worked a bit) is perfectly usable but a TX's trigger is superior.

Since you mentioned it, my personal choice for FT would be the TX in .177 rather than the Diana, which latter certainly has the power for hunting etc but which you may or may not need. Your priorities may be different however which is why "il-baqra tinbiegh kollha"  ;D


Try these:



pt 1) http://www.pyramydair.com/blog/2007/09/rws-diana-460-magnum-part-1.html
pt 2) http://www.pyramydair.com/blog/2007/09/there-was-good-response-part-1.html
pt 3) http://www.pyramydair.com/blog/2007/09/rws-diana-460-magnum-part-3.html


First of all thanks for your reply! Since I'm new to this sport I would like an AirRifle that fits both the needs for Field target and also small game hunting. Because of this my pellet choice is .22 Other than that I'm still undecided between The TX200 and the Diana 470TH.

I know that there's no rifle that is perfect for both FT and hunting but since I cannot buy both of them I have to decide :( If anyone knows about another rifle which I can take in consideration please tell me!!

Since you will probably be shooting more FT than anything else I would go for .177. A hi power Diana will give you around 820 ft/sec in  .22 but a 12 ft/lbs .177 will give you around 800 ft/sec so not much in it, and something like the TX can be upped to around 15 ft/lbs or around 900 ft/sec, the later ones, up to around 960 ft/sec because they have a long stroke piston.

Whatever you use, assuming that your live quarry means rabbits, a headshot is necessary and the .177 will be just as adequate.  The TXs are shorter guns too so handier in the field.

I would tend not to buy a .22 for your requirements that is not capable of 800 ft/sec, it's far more challenging for FT - and the only .22's that can truly and smoothly go up there are the bigger guns or PCPs, the TX won't go there and neither will the 77/97s.



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